GEMPROT Web Application


GEMPROT (Genetic Mutation to Protein Translation) is a tool to visualize the changes induced on the protein by the different variants found within a gene in an individual. Starting from a phased vcf, it translates the two haplotypes of each individual into the two corresponding protein sequences, allowing to vizualize if variants are in cis or trans. GEMPROT proposes two different modes: the first mode outputs both sequences for each individuals and provides a frequency summary of all haplotypes. The second mode is intended for larger populations and shows difference of genes haplotypes repartition.

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1 individual from the 1000 genomes panel (HG0048).
Haplotypes for the unique transcript of the GJB2 gene. Including synonymous variants.


15 individuals from the 1000 genomes panel (5 individuals from AFR, AMR and EAS).
Haplotypes for the unique transcript of the AFM gene. Including synonymous variants.